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Colleges & Departments

College of Engineering

Graduate School of Automation and Control

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Construction Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering

School of Management

Graduate Institute of Management


Department of Industrial Management

Department of Business Administration

Graduate Institute of Finance

Department of Information Management

The NTUST MBA Program

College of Design

Department of Industrial and Commercial Design

Department of Architecture

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Graduate School of Technological and Vocational Education
(Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education)

Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Teacher Education Center

Honors College

Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology

Inter-disciplinary Bachelor's Program

Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology

College of Intellectual Property Studies

Graduate Institute of Technology Management

Graduate Institute of Patent

General Studies Commission