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Information Seminar “Recruiting African Talent”
Many African countries have experienced economic growth in recent years, and Taiwanese companies are beginning to discover the market potential of the African continent. Knowing that human resources would be the key to success, they have started to turn their eyes to African students who are currently enrolled in Taiwan's universities.
With a large African student community at Taiwan Tech - and the largest number of Ethiopian students in all Taiwan, our school has continuously received requests from companies to assist with talent recruitment. Thus, the Office of International Affairs picked up on the idea and pioneered in organizing a special recruitment seminar for African students. 
Both sides benefitted from the event: Students had the opportunity to learn about different companies, and apply for jobs that would best suit their expertise and interest, whereas the companies had the chance to personally meet and recruit talent for African markets. 
The first 2019 Information seminar: Recruiting African talent was held on March 21st, 2019 in the Taiwan Tech Auditorium which was packed with more than a hundred African students. Two companies, namely George Shoe Corporation and Foxconn/ FIH Mobile Limited had sent representatives to explain their companies' recruitment strategies and vacancies. 
The seminar was followed by Q&A sessions where further details about the different job offers, working conditions, fringe benefits, future career paths etc. were asked. In face-to-face exchanges with the managers, students had the chance to discuss their individual situation and career prospects. 
This first Recruiting African Talent event was rated as a great success by all participants. After the event, students unanimously thanked the Taiwan Tech Office of International Affair for this great opportunity to meet potential future employers on campus and to learn about career opportunities after graduation. 
More than 100 students from African countries join the event.
After the seminar: Q&A with company representatives.
The event was rated as a great success by all participants.
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