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Taiwan Tech Student Team Successful at【120h Taiwan in My Eyes】Event
"120 h Taiwan in my Eyes" is a nationwide campaign and competition, jointly organized by the CTCI Education Foundation and Center for Corporate Sustainability, which promotes the exploration of UN Sustainable Development Goals in Taiwan. Held for the fourth time, the response for the 2019 campaign was overwhelming: 11 university teams with 48 students from 22 different countries signed up for the 5-day / 120-hour event, where the teams had to tour Taiwan with the task exploring the state of Taiwan's achievements in sustainability. 
The Taiwan Tech team, dubbed "The Face Team", was led by Sikkanthar Diwan Midyeen from India who pursues a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. The other team members were graduate students M. Rakhmat Setiawan, Industrial Management, Indonesia, Ngyyen Thi Hong Van, MBA, Vietnam, and Lin Xin-Pin, MBA, Taiwan. The team was supervised by Professor Song-Jeng Isaac Huang, Department of Mechanical Engineering.  
During five days, students were taken to several of Taiwan's internationally renowned enterprises which are also leading in sustainable practices, such as CTCI Corporation, Chunghwa Picture Tube, and Green Dream Works. The program covered different sectors i.e. engineering and machinery, the semiconductor industry, and innovative technology firms in central Taiwan.  Apart from that, Taiwan Tech students also visited self-selected sites, e.g.  Fujitsu, Family mart, Gogoro and others. 
Students were expected to record their observations, discoveries and experiences and share their ideas through social media. In their final presentations om March 9, 2019, held in front of a panel of high-ranking jurors, participants had to share their experiences using photographs, short videos, and personal narration. For their five minute-video clip, "The Face -Taiwan Tech" was awarded the 3rd prize  that came with 30,000 NTD. The first prize went to the Taipei Medical University team "United We Stand", and the 2nd prize was shared by teams from National Chunghsing University in Taichung and National Taiwan University.
The Taiwan Tech teams won the 3rd place with a reward of NT$30,000 and certificates handed out by the  Chairman of CTCI EF. 
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