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“Making Knowledge Work” - Taiwan Tech hosts 4th World Technology University Congress
The 4th World Technology University Congress was held from October, 2nd to 4th on Taiwan Tech's Taipei campus. The event attracted 49 delegates from 15 different countries who represented 19 member institutions of the World Technology University Network (WTUN). The two-day program at Taiwan Tech was packed with plenary sessions, roundtables, and group discussions that revolved around the role of technology in the transformation of Higher Education, and on how WTUN could contribute to its key themes: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Clean Water and Sanitation, and Sustainable Cities and Communities.
The Congress was opened on 3rd of October by Mon-Chi Lio, Deputy Minister of Education who stressed the importance of internationalization for Taiwan's higher education and vocational training. He pointed out how the WTUN could serve as a platform to facilitate not only exchanges between staff and students, but also for international university-industry cooperation. 
Brian Cantor, chairman of WTUN, said in his opening address that technological universities were challenged to find solutions for today's most pressing societal problems. “We hope to cultivate the most talented people in the industry through applied research and vocational education courses, and develop applied research through international cooperation to solve the challenges and problems facing the current society.”
In the session on “Future trends of Global Higher Education”, delegates exchanged views on the impact of IoT and AI on campus-based universities, on the relevance of university degrees for employment, and on the role of universities as placemakers in local economies. On the last day, they were offered the opportunity to visit facilities on Taiwan Tech campus, and to join offsite visits to some of Taipei's creative industry and startup hubs.  
President Liao Ching-Jong thanked all participants for their contributions which made the fourth World Technical University Congress 2019 a big success. Taiwan Tech is the only technological university in Taiwan to have joined WTUN.  Set up in 2017, during the 2nd World Technical University Congress at Bradford University, WTUN is a global network of technology universities with currently 22 member institutions from all continents. WTUN consists of a wide range of different universities, public and private, of different size and age, which are committed to working together to conduct research and to provide socially relevant education for the next generation of global citizens.
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