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The BAUHAUS Spirit Alive at Taiwan Tech
100 years of BAUHAUS: This year, the 100th anniversary of the Staatliches Bauhaus, a German art school operational from1919 to 1933, has been celebrated all over the world, with exhibitions, lectures, performances and workshops. And while most events focused on the history of the Bauhaus movement, a team around Professor Markus Weisbeck at the Faculty of Art and Design of Bauhaus University Weimar decided to design with experimental workshops to show how the innovative spirit of this avant-garde school still serves as a source of inspiration today. Those five workshops - dubbed "Manifest of Practice" – have been touring universities and festivals worldwide throughout the Bauhaus-year. After Seoul, Isfahan, La Paz, Macau and Gwangju, Taiwan Tech's College of Design grabbed the opportunity to host the "Manifest of Practice" on the Taiwan Tech campus from 3 to 6 December 2019.
"For us, the Bauhaus spirit means experiment and exploration. In our workshops, we do not focus on application, we rather want to give room for creativity and the artistic expression in the design process. This is the fundamental idea which can be conveyed even in short workshops, and it works with students from all cultural backgrounds" said Weisbeck.
Not surprisingly, the choice for Taipei and Taiwan Tech was due to a long-term cooperation and personal friendship that has been connecting Markus Weisbeck and Ken-tsai Lee, Associate professor at Taiwan Tech's Department of Design. Lee who has an international reputation as designer, typographer and curator was keen to give Taiwan Tech students the unique opportunity to experience the Weimar Model of instruction. 
Prof. Ken-tsai Lee, Taiwan Tech students, and the team from Bauhaus University Weimar
Part of the project was an exhibition that displayed students' works created in those five workshops -  ranging from graphic design products to architectural models. At the opening, Taiwan Tech Vice president Wei-hua Chiang, himself an architect, and the Dean of the College of Design David Sung, expressed their pride in hosting one of the "Bauhaus 100" events at Taiwan Tech. Although only established in 1998, the College of Design has evolved as one of the leading design institutions in Taiwan.
Chan-ming Hsu, who is doing his Master's at Taiwan Tech had joined the workshop 15 Minutes Intuition, led by René Schwolow, and  was impressed by the results: "It was very rewarding to join this workshop where we were not taught to proceed along certain steps, but asked to come up with our own ideas and creativity. Some of the works done by 2nd year students look much more mature, much more advanced".
Professor Bernd Rudolf with students in his workshop ISS-BAUHAUS INTERNATIONAL.SPACE.STATION-BAUHAUS
It goes without saying that the organization of this event was a huge collaborative effort - financially and logistically – and the German guests thanked their Taiwanese hosts profusely. And it is hoped that this intense week will be a starting point for an even closer cooperation between Taiwan Tech and the Bauhaus University Weimar which are - in spite of the geographical distance - connected through the BAUHAUS spirit. 
Manifest of Practice: Workshops
Prof. Markus Weisbeck 
Space for Visual Research The SPACE FOR VISUAL RESEARCH 
Susann Paduch
René Schwolow, Diplom Designer
15 Minutes Intuition
Adrian Palko, Dipl. Designer 
Contemporary Graphics 
Prof. Bernd Rudolf
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