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2019 job fair

This summer, the second group of 19 Taiwan Tech students from different fields – chemical engineering, electrical engineering, material sciences, and design – went to Indonesia to join hands with students from  Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember and Widya Mandala Catholic University. Their aim was to improve water management and sanitary conditions in the outskirts of Surabaya. Taiwan Tech students formed mobile project with local students helping to build irrigation systems, drinking water supply, and wastewater treatment facilities. They even built toilets at two remote primary schools in Surabaya which greatly improved the hygienic situation for pupils at these schools.   

Taiwan Tech Students Excelling at WORLD SKILLS 2017 Venture out to the World for Internships and Training
With 29 participants, Taiwan Tech students formed the biggest group within the Taiwan World Skills team 2017 winning numerous medals and awards. The biannual World Skills is the most important international competition in the field of professional skills. The Taiwan Ministry of Education which is increasingly stressing the importance of vocational does not only support the participation in the World Skills competition, it also encourages former World Skills participants to follow up on their experiences by offering generous grants of max 50,000 NTD for internships and training abroad. 
Taiwan Tech hosts  2018 conference of Sustainable Built Environment series

One of the regional conferences of the Sustainable Built Environment Series (SBE) was hosted in Taiwan – at Taiwan Tech, Taiwan's leading institution in sustainable building research. The organizers, i.e. Taiwan Tech with the Taiwan Institute of Architecture, chose “Innovative Low Carbon and Green Buildings in Subtropical Area” as the topic of the conference, reflecting the region's climatic situation and the innovative drive of the Green Building sector in recent years. The 3-day conference, perfectly organized by Prof Cheng-Li Cheng, Dean of Taiwan Tech College of Design and his team, did not only feature international keynote speakers, roundtable discussions, and parallel sessions on specialized topics, it also included technical visits to outstanding Green Buildings in Taiwan, and featured an industry exhibition.

Paraguayan President Thanks Taiwan for Educational Assistance
Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benitez received an honorary doctorate degree from Taiwan Tech, he said that he was honored to receive such a recognition and thanked Taiwan Tech for providing instructors to the Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University (Universidad Politechnica Taiwan-Paraguay, UPTP). The project was jointly initiated by Taiwan and Paraguay in December last year, with funding for the school's construction coming from Paraguay, while National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) will provide teachers, curriculum plans and lab equipment. Abdo Benitez expressed great confidence in the project, saying he believes the UPTP will help put Paraguay on the map for science and technology around the world.
Taiwan and Paraguay have jointly established Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University (Universidad Politechnica Taiwan-Paraguay, UPTP)

Taiwan and Paraguay have jointly established Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University (Universidad Politechnica Taiwan-Paraguay, UPTP), and Taiwan Tech will help provide instructors. President of Taiwan Tech Liao Ching-Jong said that in perhaps 10 or at most 15 years, this university could become the best university of science and technology in Central and South America. Professor Shiou Fang-Jung of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Taiwan Tech mentioned that the 400 students in the preparatory courses were selected from among 4000 applicants, and the lowest passing GPA was 4.91 out of a full score of 5. He said the university is honored to be able to teach some of the best students in the world. However, the pressure is also great. The school will do its best and make every effort to bring great credit to Taiwan and carry on people-to-people diplomacy.