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NTUST celebrates 47th anniversary with a series of events

47th anniversary

Marching towards its 47th anniversary, NTUST has initiated a series of celebratory events. Following the festivities and recruiting expo hosted in March, the university started a media gathering for discussion about globalization, CSR, corporate labor shortage, and various topics to offer perspectives and prospects on the development of technological and vocational 

education. NTUST principal Jia Yush Yen announced an institutional development plan by 2030 to transform NTUST for unlimited growth.

As this year’s NTUST anniversary celebration unfolds, 5 alumni, including skytech CEO Lin Chun Chen, were awarded for outstanding industry collaboration. The alumni joint venture 台科之星 also donated 500,000 NTD to NTUST in support of administrative development.

Regarding various trends such as CSR, globalization, and corporate labor shortages, NTUST publicized results and intentions. In a retrospective reassessment on the roles and effects of CSR, NTUST published the “2020 university social responsibility report.” The university will continue its commitment in improving the local community and NTUST in hopes of achieving MIT goals and highlighting the visibility of NTUST’s significant part in providing quality technical and vocational education in Taiwan. 

In the face of corporate labor shortages which cannot rely on the talent of unilateral skill for complete rectification due to structural changes of industry and society, NTUST fully registers the need for emphasis on interdisciplinary academic rigor, green technology, innovation, and creativity in educating future professionals capable of realizing CSR and resolving global issues. To respond to novel demands, NTUST has proposed a “π-talent cultivation project.” Unlike generating T-shaped talent, the new project will aim to train students for their professional abilities, competence, and networking skills which can altogether contribute to the new southbound momentum of Taiwanese industries and foster global-mindedness among expectant executives.

For the past 20 years, NTUST has dedicated its resources to bridging itself to the international community by welcoming foreign students into research and development. Many of the students have repatriated for various occupations. As of now, NTUST strongly encourages international white collar talents to develop and facilitate international growth of Taiwanese industries in the future. NTUST principal Jia Yush Yen expresses confidence that NTUST will surmount countless challenges and transform into a university without borders.

Looking forward to the future, NTUST principal Jia Yush Yen envisages the NTUST’s 2030 plan to allow students to grow beyond the status quo and create their own purposes and values.

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