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2022 NTUST SDGs English Presentation Contest

2022 NTUST SDGs English Presentation Contest

On May 6th, 2022, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (henceforth NTUST) held the ‘2022 NTUST SDGs English Presentation Contest’ (venue: IB-101) to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and help students gain a better understanding of the related issues. In the contest, students are able to express opinions on the SDGs and provide solutions to the issues. Additionally, students can also improve their English speaking ability.

        Aiming to promote the SDGs, the Language Center at NTUST has encouraged the faculty members to introduce the SDGs in their courses. In order to help students know more about the SDGs and improve their speaking ability, the Language Center also held two seperate talks, focusing on ‘Humans in SDGs: Sustainability and application’ and ‘Efficient English: presentation skills’.

        29 groups (83 students in total) submitted their videos to the preliminary round. The topics are limited to one of the following goals: SDG 3 Good health and well-being, SDG 4 Quality education, SDG 5 Gender equality, SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth, SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production and SDG 13 Climate action.


2022 NTUST SDGs English Presentation Contest (group photo)

Judges (from left to right)

Shaoting Hung: Director of the Language Center at NTUST,

Tawei Wang: Assistant professor, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, National Taipei University

Wei-yan Li: Director of Academic Writing Education Center, National Taiwan University

Keith M. Graham: Assistant professor, School of Teacher Education, National Taiwan Normal University

Photo by NTUST

        Three judges were invited to select 12 groups from the 29 groups for the final. The three judges were Dr. Yi-lin Chen from Providence University, Dr. Chia-hsin Yeh from National Chengchi University and Dr. Chen-yu Hsieh from National Academy for Educational Research. For the final round of the contest, we invited Dr. Wei-Yan Li from National Taiwan University, Dr. Ta-wei Wang from National Taipei University and Dr. Keith M. Graham from National Taiwan Normal University. The three judges pointed out that the presentations are impressive as the presenters have good English speaking ability and their opinions and solutions to the problems based on the SDGs are neoteric.

        The champion is group 2 with two members, Wan-Yu Tsai (蔡菀羽) and Yuan-Chia Wang (王沅嘉) from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages, whose topic discusses the problems of education in Taiwan. Their organized content and fluent presentations impressed the judges. The runner-up is group 3 with three members, Guan-ting Guo (郭冠廷) and Zhi-en Huang (黃致恩) from the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, and Xin-yang Wang (王欣陽) from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages, who have focused on food waste in Taiwan. Their solution to the issue also shows innovation to the judges. The second runner-up goes to group 6 with two members, Darmawansah and Chien Chih Hsuan (簡志軒) from the Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education. Group 6 discussed the different aspects and problems of education in Taiwan and Indonesia. The presentation provides us with a chance of reflecting on the problems in the two countries. Honorable mention goes to group 4 with four members, Che-Wei Hsu(許哲瑋), Chih-Han Liu (劉芷涵), Katherine Danielle Linn (林怡亘), and Hannah Nicole Loo (俞涵娜), who have also discussed food waste in Taiwan. The popularity award goes to group 2.


2022 NTUST SDGs English Presentation Contest

The champion presents their topic on “Taiwan Education”.


2022 NTUST SDGs English Presentation Contest

Wan-Yu Tsai (蔡菀羽) and Yuan-Chia Wang (王沅嘉) from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages won the champion.

        Prof. Hung, the Chair of the Language Center, concludes in the closing speech that the contestants are from the five colleges at NTUST and some students from different departments work together as a team. It is gratifying to see that graduate students are willing to join the contest to share their opinions on the SDGs. Finally, Prof. Hung pointed out that the contest provides a great opportunity for local students to interact with international students so they are able to brainstorm and come up with more innovative ideas. This is of great help in promoting the SDGs and helping students comprehend the issues.

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