Taiwan Tech , Palo Alto Networks join forces to nurture future cybersecurity talents - National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
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Taiwan Tech , Palo Alto Networks join forces to nurture future cybersecurity talents

Utilising advanced cybersecurity equipment to promote integration to curriculum

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) , today announced a collaboration with Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader the to launch a Cybersecurity Academy in Taiwan. This cooperation is designed to nurture the next generation of the cybersecurity workforce and prepare the community in Taiwan to better respond to the diverse and ever-changing cybersecurity environment.


Through this collaboration, Palo Alto Networks provides advanced equipment to create a cybersecurity research center that will help train IT security seed instructors. The company will also support Taiwan Tech to launch a series of defense strategy courses designed to help students and working professionals interested in information security improve their skills continually. By using the same information security equipment deployed in actual corporate settings, the program is expected to help corporations cultivate needed cybersecurity professionals and uplift information security skillsets.

“Information security is one of the key focused areas,” said Jia-Yush Yen, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology president. According to him, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology established the Center for Information Security Research and Teaching in 2005, one of the first information centers established in Taiwan. The center focuses on driving information security research in Taiwan and has accumulated excellent research results in information security for the Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing. In addition to assisting the Ministry of Education in cultivating information security talents, the school also supports the government in promoting information security policies. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology will upgrade its existing educational resources to address the current information security talent gap. “We are pleased to work with Palo Alto Networks to reduce the gap. We hope the partnership will train more quality cybersecurity experts in Taiwan and bolster our security and competitiveness in general,” said Dr. Yen.


“In addition to conducting research in cybersecurity technologies, Taiwan Tech has also been devoted to nurturing information security talents and helping companies improve their information security standards.” Dr. Shi-Cho Cha, Chairman of the Department of Information Management and Director of Taiwan Information Security Center, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, said. “However, the cost of information security equipment for companies is high, so talent development used to be focused on information security penetration techniques that do not require special equipment. The partnership with Palo Alto Networks, the cybersecurity leader, will allow access to information security equipment deployed by enterprises, which will equip students with ready-to-play skills through practices. We are tailoring a series of courses focusing on equipment based on zero trust architecture with actual practices.  We hope students dive right in and apply what they learn in advanced cybersecurity architecture once they join the workforce, which will help reduce the current talent gap.”

James Yu, country manager, Taiwan at Palo Alto Networks, said: " According to the National Development Council and other government agencies, Taiwan is experiencing a great talent shortage in cybersecurity. We value this partnership with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology not only because it is the first education institution to integrate Palo Alto Networks Academy curriculum to nurture talent, but also because we are committed to addressing the talent shortage challenge. We hope that through this partnership, we can help nurture more outstanding cybersecurity talents and raise awareness towards cybersecurity issues.”

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology will present a series of courses on the basic theory, defense concepts and defense practices of Next- Generation Firewall Solutions. Palo Alto Networks has forged similar academic partnerships with colleges and universities in more than 40 countries in the Asia Pacific, US, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

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