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Avengers Win First Taiwan Tech International Student Soccer Tournament

Soccer game1
Soccer game 2
Soccer game 3

Taiwan Tech held its first international student soccer tournament on November 18, 2020. The idea of having a soccer competition was enthusiastically welcomed by our international student community, a total of 8 teams and 80 players signed up. 

Four teams made it into the finals: The Avengers, a mixed team, IATP with players from the College of Engineering, ISA an Indonesian student team, and Ethio with players from Ethiopia. The stakes for the finals were high, as the winner was to represent Taiwan Tech at the upcoming Three University Alliance Games.

It was an exciting competition on a beautiful autumn day, with excellent teams and many cheering Taiwan Tech soccer fans. The Avengers turned out as the strongest team, the runner-up teams were IATP, ISA, and Ethio. 

The next challenge for the Avengers will be the Three University Alliance Games on December 19, 2020, where they will have to fight against the teams from NTU and NTNU. We are looking forward to this event, and keep our fingers crossed for the Avengers!


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