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Taiwan Tech Battery Researcher Wins Prestigious National and International Awards

Hwang Bing-joe
Hwang Bing-joe

 Professor Hwang Bing-joe, professor at the Taiwan Tech Department of Chemical Engineering, was named National Chair Professor in the engineering and applied science category by the Ministry of Education on 22 March 202. The award comes with an annual grant of NT$2 million (US$70,195) for three years. Hwang, who has made significant contributions to the nation's green energy sector, earned the MOE recognition already in 2018. This second award makes him Honorary Lifetime National Chair Professor.

In December last year, Professor Hwang was awarded the prestigious Humboldt Research Award for his research achievements in battery research. In 2017, German-Taiwan Battery Research Program was launched, a large-scale research project financed by the MOST and its German counterpart. The Humboldt-Award, which is based on nominations by the German Science Community, gives testimony of the fruitful cooperation. Hwang plans to use the prize money of 60,000 Euro to work on solid-state batteries with his German partners at Jülich Research Centre, and seek new opportunities for cooperation. 


An interview with Professor will be published in the upcoming edition of the Taiwan Tech International Newsletter (1/2021)!

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