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Taiwan Tech Solar Electric Vehicle Research Center Established

SEV racing team

NTUST has established the aiwan Tech SEV research center that integrates various branches of engineering in cooperation with the local industry for further technological development of electric vehicles. Taiwan Tech students also set up a SEV racing team for international competitions.  

In an collective effort of the mechanical engineering department, electrical engineering department, and electronic engineering department, the SEV research center will design and produce industry standard hardware and software. NTUST will also collaborate with Foxlink and Teco to provide engineering education for its students and to cultivate crucial talent to the SEV industry.

Currently, The NTUST SEV racing team is expecting to participate in the Formula SAE Japan 2022 competition by August. The fully recruited team will be sponsored by Yue Loong, ZEPT, Trillion Green Energy, Frando, sonic, and various firms. 


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