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NT.1,000,000 for Rising Stars to Shine: A Tryout for Young Students to Realize Their Startup Dream

A Perfect Place for Rising Stars to Shine: Taiwan Tech and the Outstanding Alumni Association Held a Tryout for Young Students to Realize Their Startup Dream


Connecting campus with industry is the motto of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. To reach the goal, it is essential to implement creative ideas, build strong connections with alumni, and create an environment for young MIT entrepreneurs.

On September 23, the first Taiwan Tech Rising Star Tryout was held by the Outstanding Alumni Association. A group called "Kiwis" stood out and won the prize, a-million-dollar startup fund. During the three sessions of the tryout, the experienced alumni and the seniors guide the young students with their knowledge and skills. The mentorship between them was firmly built.

The award ceremony took place at the Alumni Association Banquet. There were nearly 40 alumni and 11 finalist groups participating in the event. It shows the success of promoting startups on campus by connecting the power of the university and the Alumni Association.

The director of the Outstanding Alumni Association and the chairman of International Games System Company, Mr. Li, mentioned his appreciation to Taiwan Tech. He received support from the university no matter when he was on campus or in the workplace. Therefore, he decided to give back to Taiwan Tech and encourage students from Taiwan Tech to start up their business. Later, he gathered the alumni to initiate the Rising Star Tryout providing startup funds, one million dollars, as the grand prize.


The winning group for this year, Kiwis, developed a platform for information security courses (https://kiwissec.com/). When companies are training employees, the platform can be a tool for assessment. This group won the tryout because of their innovation on the platform which includes games, scripts and scenarios for users to experience different cases. This is a perfect chance for students who are chasing their dreams. Everyone is encouraged to be part of it, everyone can be a rising star.

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