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Professor Huei-Tse Hou,Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology

Can you tell us about your approach to gamified teaching and how it has impacted the education landscape in Taiwan?

My approach to gamified teaching is focused on using my training in cognitive psychology and behavioral analysis to design educational board games and innovative teaching methods that make learning enjoyable and inspiring. Through my research and its practical application, we now have some tools to begin to address the low level of student engagement, as well as the lack of deep thinking and creativity in Taiwan's classrooms. As a result, my approach has had some positive impacts on the educational landscape throughout Taiwan.I have also been honored with recognition and a few awards, including the Outstanding Research Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2022 and 2016 and the National Excellent Teacher Award of MOE in 2018.


Can you describe some of the educational board games that you and your team have developed and the impact they have had on students' learning outcomes?

We have developed a wide range of educational board games, including 'Voyage with Taiwan,' an interactive history game; 'On the Go,' an English learning game; and 'Chemistry Story,' a game that teaches chemistry concepts. These games have been quite successful and have had a profound impact on students' learning outcomes. By engaging with these games, students can learn effectively while also having fun, and we have seen significant improvements in students' engagement and in-depth thinking.

How have you integrated your research on gamified teaching into your own classroom, and what changes have you noticed in your students' behavior?

I have integrated my research on gamified teaching into my own classroom, and I have noticed significant changes in my students' behavior. In the past, my students had limited attention spans and fewer opportunities for contemplation or group discussions. Now, with the games, my students have become very engaged and are even sometimes reluctant to leave their seats at the end of class, and they sometimes continue the discussion after class. This has been a noticeable change, and it has made teaching much more enjoyable and inspiring.

How have you collaborated with industry partners to develop educational board games, and what has been the impact of these collaborations?

We have collaborated with industry partners to develop a variety of educational board games, including 'Qianlong Emperor's Southern Tours' in collaboration with the National Palace Museum and Innovation and Creative Culture Technology, and 'WinWin Insurance Plus' with Cathay Life Insurance. We were very pleased that these games won first prize and silver awards in the International Educational Games Competition over two consecutive years. Through these collaborations, we have been able to create games that introduce cultures, history, and tourist attractions, as well as assist companies with human resources training.

What motivates you to pursue your research on gamified teaching, and what are your future research interests in this field?

As a child who grew up in a family dedicated to education, I was aware of the stress and lack of creativity and imagination that was typical in my own childhood education. Having had access to abundant educational resources, I set my sights on becoming a teacher at a young age. I studied industrial engineering while also taking education-related courses and pursued a master's and doctoral degree in the education field. I have always hoped to devote myself to teaching, using technology and cognitive learning theory to solve educational problems and help to bring about some positive changes to the current education landscape. With that in mind, my future research interests in this field include continuing to develop innovative teaching methods and educational board games that make learning enjoyable and inspiring. The impact of education is enormous. So many people can be influenced and can in turn influence even more people, which is just wonderful!

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