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Fatriza Harim Anandita, Indonesia, Process Engineer at ASE in Kaohsiung

pFatriza Harim Anandita, from Surabaya in Indonesia received a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 2022. In the beginning of 2023, she joined ASE (Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.) as a process engineer, responsible for the coordination and supervision of the processes involved in the assembly of chips. 

Taiwan Tech offers excellent engineering education, but courses are demanding
After completing my diploma in electrical power engineering at ITS in Surabaya, Indonesia, I found it challenging for women to find work in power plants. I wanted to further my education, and my parents supported me in exploring various education options. I attended many education fairs and considered countries like Japan and Australia. However, during a seminar held by Taiwan Tech’s Mechanical Engineering Department at my university, I learned about their two-year English-taught Bachelor's degree program. * The clear requirements, reasonable living costs, and positive living environment convinced me to come to Taiwan. Initially, I encountered difficulties, both academically and in adapting to life in Taiwan. Language barriers and adjusting to the food culture were among the challenges. The courses were very demanding, and I failed several of them. However, through this process of struggling and experiencing failure, I developed critical thinking skills and gained a deep understanding of engineering problems. It was a tough journey, but it was worth it. 
This program has been discontinued.


Taiwan welcomes women engineers to start their careers  
After graduating, I knew I needed to gain work experience. Job hunting was quite challenging, as I applied to many companies both in Taiwan and abroad, and faced rejection numerous times. Most interviews felt like tests, which is understandable from the point of view of the company. Finally, I interviewed with the HR at ASE, and I realized they were genuinely interested in me, my skills, and my situation. After several interviews, I received a job offer from ASE and decided to relocate to Kaohsiung. Since I had already gotten used to life in Taiwan, moving to Kaohsiung was an easy decision. During my time at Taiwan Tech, I also learned Chinese, which has been helpful for my daily life. Taiwan has become my second home.  I truly appreciate the respect for individuals and reliability of its services, for example the National Health Insurance system, that’s really amazing

Working at ASE in an international environment

I joined ASE in January 2023 as a process engineer. ASE is a company in the semiconductor industry. My primary responsibility is coordinating and supervising the processes involved in chip assembly according to our customers' specifications. In my case, I mainly work with the US company Micron. ASE provides on-the-job training for individuals like me who are new to the semiconductor industry. There are excellent training opportunities, including online courses and one-on-one tutoring. My team consists of 15 members,  I am the youngest and only woman, but I feel very much accepted. Also, we mostly communicate in English at work, so there is no language barrier.

My advice for job-hunting: Join the Taiwan Tech career support system
My advice would be to actively participate in every job fair, seminar, and field trip organized by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at Taiwan Tech. These events have a higher response rate compared to applying directly through company websites. Companies attending these events are genuinely interested in recruiting talent, and you are more likely to receive interview invitations. Additionally, the staff at the OIA is incredibly helpful and can guide you through the job-hunting process, offer valuable insights, and assist you in making connections with potential employers. Take advantage of these resources and networking opportunities to enhance your job prospects.

Thank you, Taiwan Tech!
I am tremendously grateful for the education I received at Taiwan Tech. Despite the struggles and hardships, it was all worthwhile. Taiwan Tech provides a demanding, but safe and supportive learning environment. I received a quality education that prepared me for the challenges of the professional world. I am proud to be part of the Taiwan Tech family. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my professors, Professor Po-Ting Lin, Professor Pin-Chuan Chen and Professor Tsung-He Hu, who have been instrumental in my academic and personal growth. 


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