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Muthu Muthaiyan, India, Senior Electrical Design Engineer at Delta Electronics, Taipei

pMuthu Muthaiyan, from Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu in India, earned his Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Anna University in Chennai, India, and  pursued a Master's degree in Electronics Engineering at Taiwan Tech. After completing his studies in 2014, Muthu joined Delta Electronics, Inc., a leading Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company. Muthu currently holds the position of Senior Electrical Design Engineer at the DELTA headquarters in Taipei. DELTA's global presence spans across around 200 facilities, encompassing manufacturing, sales, and research and development centers.

Taiwan Tech has strong reputation in power engineering, close ties with industry 

Upon completing my undergraduate studies in India, I decided to further my studies and was looking for a Master’s program. A friend of mine, Dr. Adhimoorthy Saravanan, who currently serves as an assistant professor at Taiwan Tech, introduced me to the university's reputable power engineering program. I did more research, and realized that Taiwan Tech was very strong in the field that I was interested in. I decided to apply and was fortunate to be accepted. Additionally, receiving a scholarship further influenced my decision to pursue my studies at Taiwan Tech.
The master's degree courses at Taiwan Tech are excellent, and the power electronics industry in Taiwan is one of the best in the world. The education at Taiwan Tech places a strong emphasis on practical experience. During my studies, the close collaboration with industry proved highly advantageous. We engaged in practical experiments focused on AC/DC and DC/DC converters, gaining hands-on experience. From the very first semester, I actively engaged in industrial projects, collaborating with Taiwanese students.This provided insights into the real-world needs of companies and the latest advancements in the industry. Additionally, we received project funding alongside our scholarships, easing our living expenses.


oTaiwanese are overwhelmingly helpful, but knowledge of Chinese improves personal and professional life

One of the challenges I encountered was the language barrier with Taiwanese friends and in everyday life outside the university. I highly recommend learning some Chinese, as it will greatly benefit both your personal and professional life. Regarding campus life, the most difficult part for me was adapting to the Chinese food, which is milder compared to the spicy and flavorful Indian cuisine. Initially, there were no kitchen facilities in the dormitories, so we had to rely on Indian restaurants. Yet, we negotiated with the dormitory management, and they eventually set up a small kitchen where we could cook our own food on weekends  [Note: Newly built dormitories at Taiwan Tech now feature kitchen facilities]. Gradually, I acclimated to Chinese food.
Overall, my experience in Taiwan has been overwhelmingly positive. The people are helpful and friendly, always offering support whenever I faced challenges.


From Taiwan Tech to Senior Engineer at DELTA, driving infrastructure projects worldwide

After completing my studies, the decision to gain industry experience led me to choose work over pursuing a Ph.D. With the support of my professor, I secured a position at DELTA, a globally renowned electronics company where I could  further deepen my knowledge in this field. As a Senior Electrical Design Engineer, my main focus is on designing data center power supply systems and developing the infrastructure for data centers. I have successfully completed assignments in Vietnam, Singapore, and India, collaborating with companies such as META and Microsoft. Given the nature of my work, regular travel is essential as I visit transformer sites, monitor project progress, and provide training to local staff on optimizing the utilization of our systems.


DELTA provides excellent support for international employeesp

One of the great advantages of working at DELTA is the opportunity for international rotations. As employees, we have the flexibility to work at any of the DELTA subsidiaries worldwide. Although I have been offered a transfer to India, I am keen on expanding my knowledge and skills in Taiwan for a couple of years before returning to my home country.DELTA provides excellent support for international employees, and communication within the company is seamless in English. In my team alone, we have colleagues from India, Iraq, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In all departments, basic English communication is possible, with the added support of machine translation when necessary. DELTA also assists with housing arrangements, offering the convenience of staying in the company dormitory for the first year while seeking nearby accommodation. Moreover, DELTA sponsors Chinese online classes, and I am currently taking evening online classes to improve my Chinese language proficiency.


Tapping into Job Market: Taiwan Tech's Graduates Benefit from  Professional Mentorship

For foreign graduates of Taiwan Tech, there are numerous job opportunities available in Taiwan. One efficient way to explore these opportunities is by utilizing the 104 website, which is a popular platform for job searches. However, in my personal experience, I found that the professors at Taiwan Tech can also be extremely helpful in the job-hunting process. I would highly recommend discussing your career plans with your professors as they can provide valuable guidance and support.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to my professor and thesis advisor, Professor Huang-Jen Chiu. He is a very friendly man who has been true to his word from the very beginning. He assured me that he would help me kickstart my career in Taiwan if I wished to pursue it, and he has kept his promise. I am truly thankful for his mentorship and support throughout my academic journey and beyond.

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