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Taiwan Tech promotes company-sponsored scholarships in Vietnam and Indonesia


A high-profile delegation from Taiwan Tech is visiting in universities Vietnam and Indonesia from 2 to  6 October 2023 to promote scholarship programs in collaboration with leading Taiwanese companies. Headed by the Vice Dean of the College of Engineering Wang Chen-hao, the delegation is visiting prestigious institutions, such as the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, the University of Indonesia, and the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology.

The delegation includes College of Engineering faculty members Duc-Thang Vo, from Vietnam, and Iman Adipurnama, from Indonesia, who share their experiences and provide valuable insights into the academic and employment environment in Taiwan.

The focus of the visit is on interviews with students applying for master’s programs at Taiwan Tech and the corporate scholarship initiative. Exceptional students identified during this process will be recommended to companies participating in the scholarship program for further interviews. Notably, Taiwan Tech is venturing into partnerships with businesses for the first time, with firms such as Chyi Ding Technologies Co, Trust Creating Construction Co., Cooler Master Co, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. collaborating on this initiative.

pSelected students will have the opportunity to study a Master’s program at Taiwan Tech for two years and subsequently work for their sponsoring company for an additional two years. The sponsoring company covers tuition, miscellaneous fees, and provides a monthly living allowance.

Eligible applicants, holding a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering, are encouraged to submit applications with English and Chinese-language proficiency certificates. Scholarship recipients are required to learn Mandarin during their stay in Taiwan. As part of the program, students are expected to work as interns for their sponsors during the summer vacation after their first year of study.
Successful completion of the two-year program requires above-average grades, passing the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language Level 1 and Level 2, and the completion of a Master’s thesis.

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