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Decade-long Partnership: Taiwan Tech and FH Aachen Launch Dual Master's Program in Mechatronics

pCampus of FH Aachen, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechantronics 
pProf Klaus-Peter Kamper, FH Aachen, with Prof George Lee, and Prof. Shu-Hao Liang during a visit to Taiwan Tech in 202

FH Aachen (Aachen University of Applied Sciences) and Taiwan Tech jointly forged an agreement for a Dual Master's Program in Mechatronics, set to commence in 2024. The program, spanning two years (four semesters), will enable up to 5 Taiwan Tech students to pursue Mechatronics studies in Aachen and attain dual Master’s degrees. In the initial semester, students will undertake courses at Taiwan Tech. Subsequently, in the second and third semesters, they will study at FH Aachen. During the fourth semester, students will return to Taiwan Tech to write their theses.Upon completion, students will be conferred Master’s degrees from both FH Aachen and Taiwan Tech, significantly enhancing their competitiveness in Taiwan or Germany and expanding their career horizons.
FH Aachen stands as one of the premier universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Germany. As per the WirtschaftsWoche 2023 ranking of UAS, FH Aachen holds the top position in mechanical engineering. Positioned in the western part of Germany near the borders with the Netherlands and Belgium, FH Aachen is among the largest universities of applied sciences, boasting around 15,000 students, 250 professors, and 470 lecturers.
The collaboration between FH Aachen and NTUST extends over a decade, marked by close ties between their international offices. In 2013, Professor Wei-chen Lee from NTUST's Department of Mechanical Engineering visited FH Aachen, initiating a series of subsequent visits. Taiwan Tech students have actively engaged in exchange programs and summer courses at FH Aachen multiple times.
Though the plan for this dual degree program originated in 2019, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a three-year delay. Finally, in August 2023, the collaboration agreement was officially signed, marking a significant milestone in the partnership.
Looking ahead, both universities are committed to expanding collaboration in student exchanges, laboratory programs, professorial visits, and various other joint initiatives.











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