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Mnasnan Seamorntham, Thailand, Technical Support Engineer at ASML, Hsinchu

pMnasnan Seamorntham,from Bangkok in Thailand, enrolled in the International Advanced Technology Program, an all-English -taught undergraduate program and graduated with Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. She received a Taiwan Government Scholarship during her four years of studies. Since 2022, she is working as Technical Support Engineer at ASML Taiwan Head Office in Hsinchu. 


Taiwan Tech’s all-English the International Advanced Technology Program was what I’m looking for  

I completed my high school at Mahidol University International Demonstration School (MUIDS). Subsequently, I received offers with scholarships from both Mahidol University and the Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO). However, I was keen to explore the world. So, I applied to various universities globally, but the high tuition fees posed a concern. Fortunately, I was granted a full scholarship by the Taiwan Government, Ministry of Education (MOE). Considering Taiwan's high educational standards, particularly in engineering, this significantly influenced my decision to come here. And why Taiwan Tech? Five years ago, the university stood out as one of the very first to offer an English program for a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering - the International Advanced Technology Program - which precisely matched what I was looking for.


Taiwan Tech provided a robust foundation in Engineering, and I did four internships to gain practical experience 

pGiving a talk on Education in Taiwan at Taiwan Education Fair 2022

Engineering programs are renowned for their demands, and as anticipated, the program at Taiwan Tech proved challenging. However, the professors were dedicated and always well-prepared. The  program provided a robust foundation in engineering, but also emphasized practical, hands-on learning. Throughout my studies, I did four internships, each during summer vacations, most of which I sought out myself.
My first internship was with Appier, the first Taiwanese start-up unicorn company, where I focused on data analysis - a new field for me, but I thrive on learning new things.The second internship was a collaboration between Taiwan Tech and TM Robot, a subsidiary of Quanta Computer. It included a training course in robotics with a final project. Our team won the grand prize in the competition. This project not only provided valuable experience in robotic applications, but also offered the chance to work in a team and get acquainted with nice people. In my third internship at Delta Electronics Industrial Power Supply, I delved into the field of Mechanical Design Engineering. Delta is the global leader in industrial power supplies. This internship provided valuable insights into the industry, and I was well taken care of by all senior colleges there. 
As for my fourth internship, I worked as a research assistant in an Industrial Automation Cyber Security project at the Institute for Information Industry, a great opportunity to explore cybersecurity and automation technology. All internships, although exhausing at times, were extraordinary learning experiences and improved my career prospects. All the hard work has finally paid off!


It is quite rare for a Bachelor graduate to receive a job offer with ASML

pMnasnan with her mother during a visit to Taiwan

Initially, I planned to pursue a Master's degree and got the offers from the University of Melbourne and University of Sydney. Meanwhile, I received a job offer from ASML, a Dutch multinational company and a world leader in semiconductor lithography. Landing a job with ASML straight out of bachelor's degree was a rare opportunity. Therefore, I decided to accept this offer at their head office in Hsinchu.

Certainly, transitioning from university to the workforce involves acquiring practical skills tailored to the company. I joined ASML as a Technical Support Engineer in the New Product Introduction (NPI) Department, which handles the new version of machines from the Netherlands to launch in Taiwan.
After a year of training both in Taiwan and overseas, I've learned a tremendous amount, though the learning process continues.





Chinese language skills are a significant asset in the Taiwanese job market

Speaking of ASML in Taiwan, I was the first Thai employee in the company and one of the few females there. While the company’s official language is English, day-to-day communication among colleagues in Hsinchu office predominantly happens in Chinese -  so, Chinese language skills are a significant asset in the Taiwanese job market in my view. ASML has proven to be a good employer, offering various benefits and opportunities, including overseas business trips and options for internal transfers. 


Some advice for foreign graduates of Taiwan Tech seeking job opportunities 

Explore job platforms like '104' or directly check the websites of companies you're interested in - applying directly might expedite the process.
Submit a well-prepared resume. Don't hesitate to apply for positions that may typically require a Master’s degree or working experience if you possess potential and relevant internship experiences. 
Further, it is very important to go beyond classroom learning by engaging in internships, part-time jobs, or volunteering. These experiences will enhance your skills and broaden your horizons. I recommend investing time in learning Chinese beyond what NTUST classes offer. For example, practice speaking as much as possible both inside and outside the classroom; it holds valuable potential for you in the job market. 
Be prepared for the reality that many good engineering jobs are located outside Taipei, particularly in Hsinchu, Tainan, and other areas. Openness to relocation expands your job prospects. Wish you all the best. ^_^

pMnasnan giving a speech as a representative of the international student community at the Taiwan Tech Graduation Ceremony 2022


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