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Jeffrey Susanto, Indonesia, EUV Customer Support Engineer at ASML

ppJeffrey Susanto, a native of Jakarta, Indonesia, obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Chemical Engineering from Taiwan Tech between 2017 and 2022.
Since 2022, he has been serving as an EUV Customer Support Engineer at ASML in Tainan, where he currently holds the position of Shift Leader.

Q: What were your reasons for coming to Taiwan/Taiwan Tech for study?

Well, I am Indonesian and a so-called Overseas Chinese, and while I wasn't fluent in Chinese, I saw Taiwan's academic reputation and the opportunity to immerse myself in a Chinese-speaking environment as the main reasons to come here. When I made inquiries with Taiwan Tech, known for its academic excellence and highly degree of internationalization, I learned that the Bachelor's program was entirely in Chinese. So, I dedicated three intense months to cramming the language before coming to Taiwan. Nonetheless, the first year was incredibly challenging, but I pushed through.

Q: You studied in the Department of Chemical Engineering. What were your experiences during your studies?

 In my third year of undergraduate studies, I was honored to secure one of the three spots in the Fast-track program within the Chemical Engineering department, which came with a full scholarship. Completing my bachelor's degree in just 3.5 years and my master's in 1.5 years, I managed a demanding schedule that included not only academic pursuits but also representing my school's swimming team in a national competition. Additionally, I seized the opportunity to serve as a Teaching Assistant for various courses in Chemical Engineering, earning recognition as an "Outstanding and Excellent Teaching Assistant" for two consecutive years.During my Master’s program, I had the opportunity to work on an industry project, which was very hands-on. Additionally, I completed an internship in Indonesia during the summer break. One of the strengths of the education at Taiwan Tech is its practical approach, which prepared me well for the real-world challenges. Moreover, my involvement in extracurricular activities, particularly my leadership roles as the Indonesian Student Association where I served as president for one year, was instrumental in my personal development, mutual assistance, and promoting Indonesian culture, which taught me invaluable leadership and organizational skills. As president, I had the privilege of networking with industry professionals and distinguished alumni from NTUST, gaining access to valuable insights and experiences.

Jeffrey with members of the NTUST Indonesian Student Association of which he served as president 


Q: Could you describe the initial steps of your career after graduation and why you decided to continue your career in Taiwan?

On my last semester of study, I began exploring various job opportunities through job fairs and career talks. I received several offers from Chemical engineering firms and semiconductor company, which was promising. I decided to take a chance and applied to ASML. After participating in ASML's job fair and undergoing interviews, I received positive feedback, leading to a recommendation for a role in the Customer Support department, specifically handling Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV).
This position offers ample opportunities for business travel. The exciting prospect of working with state-of-the-art technology and contributing to a renowned global company like ASML inspired me to pursue my career in Taiwan.


Q: You've been working for ASML for almost 2 years now. Could you please describe your work at ASML?

At ASML, I offer customer support for EUV machines. While I am responsible for customers worldwide, the majority of our clients are based in Taiwan. Therefore, I spend most of my time commuting between Tainan, Taichung, and Hsinchu to provide on-site support and assistance.
I completed my On-the-Job Training in a remarkably short period, quickly advancing to the position of Operational Engineer. I've been fortunate to be promoted to a shift leader role, where I am tasked with managing a team.
My leadership qualities and communication skills, which I acquired through my involvement in the Indonesian Student Association, have proven invaluable in this position. Working within an international team, where English is the primary language, I've found that Chinese language skills are also crucial, as my customers are more comfortable communicating in Chinese.

Q: What advice on job-hunting would you give to foreign graduates of Taiwan Tech?

 I suggest utilizing platforms like LinkedIn to connect with employees from companies you're interested in. Additionally, don't underestimate the importance of soft skills. Get involved in student clubs, explore other departments, and work on improving your Chinese proficiency. Remember, it's not just about academic excellence; employers also value communication, networking, and having a broad mindset. So, focus on developing a well-rounded skill set that goes beyond technical knowledge.

At the ASML booth during a job fair at Taiwan Tech campus 


Q: What are your plans for the future?

 In the short term, I plan to continue working in Taiwan. ASML offers a reasonable work schedule, with three days of work followed by three days off, allowing me ample time to pursue other projects and interests outside of work. For instance, I recently participated in the Global Talent Entrpreneurship Program launched by NTUST Business Incubation Center. Our team secured the first prize with our Daun Pintar project, focusing on enhancing agricultural technology through automated systems for hydroponic crop cultivation. 
Moreover, I participated in a business simulation competition at National Tsinghua University, achieving the commendable fifth position. While I entertain thoughts of potentially establishing my own business in the future, I place trust in what lies ahead.
In addition to my professional endeavors, I actively contribute to various communities. I serve as a committee member in both the NTUST International Alumni Association and the Youth Indonesian Professionals Association. My enthusiasm for networking and connecting with diverse individuals is evident in my frequent invitations to speak at NTUST and other associations, where I share insights from my experiences with fellow students.
Balancing my professional commitments with personal pursuits is important to me, and I continuously strive to maintain equilibrium between the two aspects of my life.

Jeffrey with the members of the PT Daun Pitar start-up team, winners of the  2023 Global Talent Entrepreneurship Competition, launched by the NTUST Business Incubation Center


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