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A dazzling night: Students and Taiwan Tech Artists-in-Residence transform International Building with "MIXER" light show” [24/05/2024]

Façade of Taiwan Tech's International Building, transformed  by the "MIXER" lightshow

On the evening of May 24, 2024, the ordinary façade of Taiwan Tech's International Building was magically transformed by "MIXER", a spectacle of color, sound, and movement.

The performance was showcasing the results of a unique educational project that combined the Taiwan Tech Artist-in-Residence Program with the course "Introduction into Interdisciplinary Art Practice", offered by the Center of General Education (CGE).The centerpiece of the evening was "Mixer" created by the 2024 Artists-in-Residence, CHEN Hsuan-Ming and HUANG Jui-Min of the internationally renowned 9-Grid Design group. The bland facade of the 12-story International Building underwent a stunning metamorphosis as it was lit by the mesmerizing light installation which was accompanied by CHEN Pei-Yuan’s sound creations on the handpan and didgeridoo, and the graceful movements of dancer HSIEH Tzy-Ying. Following this performance, the audience was treated to four additional student works titled "Renaissance," "Dotted Notes," "Colorful," and "Inside and Out."

"Mixer" Program and Participating Students

<破繭成花 Renaissance>    
    陳郁文    Chen Yu-Wen
    張崇真    Chang Chung-Chen
    劉士涵    Liu shi han
    羅承甲    Chen Chag-Lo
    游婷琄    Yu Ting-Hsuan
<附點音符 Dotted Notes> 
    王琮瑋    Cong Weiw-Wang
    白于萱    Pai, Yu-Hsuan
    陳治翰    Chen, Chih-Han
    戴偉倫    Dai,Wei-Lun
    曾子洋    Tseng  Tzi-Yang
    林莛峪    LIN TING-YU
    鄧逸嫺    Teng Yi-Hsien
    劉柏劭    LIU Po-shao 
    JIN WOOJUN    
    蔡孟庭    Tsai Meng-Ting 
    陳繹棋    CHEN YI-CI
 < Inside and Out>     
    莊尹韋    Chuang Yin-Wei
    陳國仁    William Brandon
    歐謹瑄    OU Chin-Hsuan
    詹靖浩    CHAN CHING-HAO
    李洋        Lee Yang





Professor LIN Yi-Chen , Taiwan Tech Centre of General Education, with artists CHEN Hsuan-ming and HUANG Jui-Min, 9 Grid Design, giving an intoduction to "Mixer" 

The mastermind behind this project was CGE Professor LIN Yi-Chen, a renowned expert in arts management and heritage conservation. Professor LIN leveraged her extensive connections to secure the participation of the acclaimed 9-Grid artists for the Taiwan Tech Artist-in-Residence program. Together, they designed the course "Interdisciplinary Artistic Practice," which brought together students from diverse backgrounds. Over a three-stage process, students were introduced to various art forms and tools, participated in thematic development and discussions, and ultimately created their own works. As CHEN Hsuan-ming commented on the learning process:

"It is amazing what students achieved in only four weeks' time. Initially, students had no idea what to do and asked me for instructions. I replied, 'We won't tell you where to go; you have to find your own way.' It was an incredible process, seeing how students began to believe in their creativity, resulting in the artwork we saw today."

HSIEH Chih-Ying, dancing to CHEN Pei-Yuan’s composition who is playing the handpan
Impressions of the light shows designed by the students of the course "Introduction to Interdisciplinary Art Practice"

As part of the coursework, students also organized an after-event exhibition that offered insights into the creative process behind their works and premiered a promotional video of the event. The exhibition at the Taiwan Tech Gallery was open to the public from June 4 to June 7, 2024.


"MIXER" represents Taiwan Tech's commitment to integrating the arts into its educational framework, fostering creativity, social responsibility, and a global outlook among its students. The Centre of General Education  takes pride in enhancing Taiwan Tech's legacy of producing technically skilled graduates with a rich appreciation for the arts and humanities.

For more details on the project and the art works:Please check the Centre of General Education website

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