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Taiwan Tech Hosts 2024 Taiwan International Conference on Catalysis, YEH Min-hsin Awarded for Contributions to Sustainability Research


pTaiwan Tech hosted the 2024 Taiwan International Conference on Catalysis, focusing on achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Held from June 19th to 21st, the conference's theme was "Catalysis for Sustainability."During the conference, Taiwan Tech Associate Professor YEH Min-hsin was awarded the "Outstanding Youth Award" for his extensive research on sustainable energy. His work focuses on three major areas: efficient collection, proper storage, and intelligent use of sustainable energy, including innovations in electrocatalysts, emerging sensors, self-charging solar batteries, and triboelectric-powered systems.
Distinguished Professor and Conference Chair HUANG Bin-joe emphasized in his opening speech that the goal of net-zero emissions represents a revolutionary trend, posing challenges to all industries. He stressed the need for early preparation to build competitiveness for the future.
LEE Shun- Chin, Chairman of CPC Corporation, Taiwan’s leading petrochemical company, shared insights on the chemical industry's role in sustainability. He highlighted how the use of catalysts in industrial processes allows for lower reaction temperatures and pressures, thereby reducing carbon emissions. He detailed the three main measures of CPC's "net zero carbon emissions" plan: upgrading petroleum and petrochemical products to high-value materials, reducing carbon emissions and saving resources through carbon capture and storage technologies, and developing clean energy sources with zero carbon emissions.

As part of the conference, the Catalysis Society of Taiwan presented the annual "Outstanding Paper Awards" and the "Outstanding Youth Award." The "Outstanding Paper Awards" went to researchers CHOU Ho-hsiu and YANG Tung-han from National Tsing Hua University, while the "Outstanding Youth Award" was awarded to Taiwan Tech's Associate Professor YEHMin-hsin for his significant contributions to sustainable energy research.

The conference serves as a platform for experts and scholars to exchange ideas and collaborate on innovative solutions for a sustainable future. 



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