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Taiwan Tech Launches FinTech Digital Sandbox P.O.C Base

To cultivate talents in innovative experiment-based financial technology, the FinTech Innovation Park and Taiwan Tech have jointly established the new "FinTech Digital Sandbox P.O.C. Base". Students and faculty of Taiwan Tech will now have the opportunity to experiment with a virtual exchange, intelligent customer service, stock trading information, etc. on the Taiwan Tech campus.  The new base will help the integration of empirical results with the needs of the industry and serve as a regional center of innovative experiment-based financial technology.

The FinTech Digital Sandbox P.O.C. Base uses the unique API services which are provided by our cooperation partner FinTechSpace and exclusively offered to partner universities. The FinTech Tech Digital Sandbox P.O.C. Base will be integrated into the finance education at Taiwan Tech, offering the chance to use new teaching methods for a better understanding of recent developments in finance and the design of financial structures. Professional training courses, e.g. a series of quantitative trading courses to nurture high-frequency trading talents, asset allocation courses for future financial managers, or digital finance courses to train Fintech application experts, will also be offered to help students gain insights into the practices of the financial industry.

Taiwan Tech launches Digital Sandbox Experimentation Base

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